Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow up

So, today we saw the electro-cardiologist, who explained to me that what I was experiencing could have two different sources...one being the nerves that govern the heartbeat, the other being some nerves that are in blood vessels coming from the lungs right were they join the atrium.  Since I really do have a pretty mild case of arrhythmia, he prescribe a six-month regimen of a medicine meant to treat the first case, to see if that improved things.

He also said that sometimes those nerves get irritated (under stress, for instance) and the symptoms kick in; with medicine to 'calm them down', the problem could resolve itself somewhat and I might possibly be able to go off the medicine later on.

If the medicine doesn't help, then it's probably the second case and a trip to the heart cath lab would be the next step.

So it was good to hear that I have a chance to miss the 'procedure'; and it was also gratifying to see that my blood pressure was back down to pre-hormonal-shift levels.  Apparently the blood pressure/slow the pulse medicine (I'm taking what he called a 'baby dose') worked really well.

But I'm hopeful that if I can manage to pull off the 'get fit' portion of the change 2012 plan, maybe  I can lose the need for the cholesterol pill AND the 'baby dose' by just improving my general health.  We'll see...That's  the lifestyle change that will have to follow the end of the fast, and I realize that's probably going to be tougher than the fast itself.

One aspect of the fast is that it is basically just practice for a disciplined lifestyle.  And I need all the practice I can get. ;)

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