Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 32

At choir tonight, our worship pastor spoke to us and asked if anyone had any thing from the fast that they'd like to share; the comment was made by one of the other choir members that, for most of the 21 days, they felt like they were just following orders...not really seeing much results.  But at the overnight prayer meeting, things suddenly started falling into place and afterwards, they felt like there was a real shift...which was pretty close to what Daniel experienced when he began praying and Gabriel arrived with his answer 21 days later.

Pastor B. nodded, and added that many times the time of fasting is not necessarily when God speaks, but it often sets up a new revelation afterward, because the positioning is right.  The seed has been sown.

That was really encouraging to me;  I don't feel like I have focused on spiritual issues myself, personally, as much as I intended to; I got caught up in health issues that really took a lot of my time and attention.

But I don't think that was coincidental; there is a significance to the timing of it.  I had one direction I thought I was going to go; I went another. 

But I still have 8 days left.  I was really encouraged tonight by the word that it is not necessarily the time of fasting that is the time of insight and growth; it is the time of alignment and pressing through.  So even if I have not been able to follow *my* plan precisely, I know I'm doing what I can to follow the leading I had, whether it goes as expected or not. 

Now is not the time to slack up, even though everyone around me has finished.  There is still some ground to cover.

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