Saturday, February 11, 2012

Checkin' in on the Survey...

About two and a half years ago, I posted about the Bible Survey we were preparing to start in the high school girls' ministry class.

Since I was still working on my 'read the Bible in 3 years' I'd started with the Middle School class, I didn't start my work on the Survey until about a year ago...I just squeaked in the last of my Bible reading while I was dealing with mononucleosis.

 I *mostly* finished the allotted portion of Scripture by the end of the Summer, only missing about the last half of Psalms, and I started in with the girls in August on the third of four portions of Scripture...which is Job, Song of Songs, and the Major and Minor Prophets.  I'm behind on my reading...but I'm ahead of most of the I'm just now starting into Isaiah.

To refresh:  The idea is to write a one-sentence summary for each chapter, then, based on those summaries, do a rough outline of the book and state the theme of the book.

It really is not difficult, but it does need some discipline to finish.  Last year, only two of the 4 girls in the class completed the scheduled chunk of reading...and they both crammed it in at the last minute.

I'm telling them that they really won't want to procrastinate on this year's portion; being 90% prophetic, it can get a little overwhelming.

But I'm enjoying what I'm reading.  It's a good counterpoint to the skim through I've been doing with the Faithful Friday Faves series.  It's still not an in-depth scripture study, but it is a good overview, and I think the girls who are really working on it are gaining some good basic scripture knowledge.

I remember the Flute Player commenting on something she read last year that she hadn't realized before, so, yeah, it's a Good Thing.

If I could just get them motivated to keep up with it instead of putting it off...Hmmm....Think...think...think...

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