Thursday, September 8, 2011

She Rev - Glory

Tonight was the leadership session for this year's women's conference, which starts tomorrow morning (side note:  since the next two weekends are busy busy busy, I will be taking a two-week break from the Faithful Friday posts...I'll be back w/ 1 Corinthians on the 23rd).

It might sound weird to have a session for the leadership, but when leadership teams from all the various ministries at all four campuses got together, we had 150 - 200  (ok, I'm horrible at estimating; it probably wasn't even close to 150.  Let's just say a whole bunch of) ladies.

And I know I, for one, needed some knocking into shape before I put on the 'Leader' badge in the morning to do ministry.

I've been somewhat distracted coming up on this conference; usually I'm all anticipation and preparation.  Three years ago I even blogged a Bible study as preparation.

But...this year...I'm still having some health issues that are taking more of my focus than I'd like, the home repairs are waiting insurance feedback, and we do have a wedding in, um, 9 days, for which I am woefully unready.

So, like I said, I've been distracted.

But tonight we heard from Dr. Mary Ann Brown, and, wow.

Where is your altar? She asked us.  The place of sacrifice and communion with God...does it need to be rebuilt?

In a word...yes...

 If tonight was any indication of what is to come, I believe the next couple of days are going to be intense.

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